How to install AIX 7.2

First of all you need to have an IBM account which is linked to some contracts or machines.

Secondly, you need to download the AIX 7.2 images from this link:

After you have the udf files you need to mount them and create the lpp_source:

unixcodersnim:/root# loopmount -i /export/nim/images/AIX_V7.2_Base_Install_7200-00-00_DVD_1_of_2_122015.udf -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt/dvd1
unixcodersnim:/root# loopmount -i /export/nim/images/AIX_V7.2_Base_Install_7200-00-00_DVD_2_of_2_122015.udf -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt/dvd2
unixcodersnim:/root# nim -o define -t lpp_source -a server=master -a source=/mnt/dvd1 -a location=/export/nim/lppsource/lpp_aix72_tl0_sp0_full lpp_AIX72_TL0_SP0_full

Now you need to complete the lpp_source with the second DVD:

-> smitty nim
-> Perform NIM Administration Tasks
-> Manage Resources
-> Perform Operations on Resources
-> Select “lpp_AIX72_TL0_SP0_full”
-> Select “update = add or remove software to or from an lpp_source”
-> Select “add”
-> Enter: “/mnt/dvd2”
-> Enter: “all” in “SOFTWARE Packages to Add”
-> Enter to complete

Now if you check with lsnim |grep AIX72 you should have the following resource:

unixcodersnim:/root# lsnim |grep AIX72
lpp_AIX72_TL0_SP0_full                  resources        lpp_source
unixcodersnim:/root# lsnim -l lpp_AIX72_TL0_SP0_full
   class       = resources
   type        = lpp_source
   arch        = power
   Rstate      = ready for use
   prev_state  = unavailable for use
   location    = /export/nim/lppsource/lpp_aix72_tl0_sp0_full
   simages     = yes
   alloc_count = 0
   server      = master

It is very important to have the simages attribute set to yes because otherwise you will not be able to install the Operating System from sctach.

After you complete these steps you can perform an normal install of a AIX system using the NIM.


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